Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Virginia in the Spring

 Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  DC is one of those great places where there are four distinct seasons, each one beautiful and welcomed.   

After a winter like we had this past year, this spring in particular was a breath of fresh air. 

These azalea bushes are one of the my very favorite parts about spring.  The previous owners of our house had planted several azaleas throughout our yard and then placed it on the market right at the peak of their blossoms.  It sure sucked us right in!  

While I would never be so bold as to plant a flower bed this large (I could never keep up with the weeding), I do hope to get our flower beds planted in the next couple of weeks!

I love the sweet honeysuckle of spring too.  Our neighborhood seems to be filled with them and I keep thinking I need to plant some in our yard. 

And lest anyone think that it's all sweet smelling flowers around here, meet  "R.O.S.S." 
(aka Rancid Odiferous Stinky Shoes)  It took us a few days to figure out where the horrid smell was emanating from, but when we did we knew we had to take quick action...

We thought about  hanging them near our front door and using them as a burglar deterrent, but we were worried about the burglars suing us for nostril damage.   Then we thought about burying them in our garden as a pest repellent, but we worried about forever poisoning the soil.

In the end we put them right where they belonged....

So there you have it, another topic off my 30 Things to Blog About list (#5) and I finally get the word "sex" off the top of my blog!!! 



Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Ah! I love That you named ROSS! My husband has ROSS really bad...what is a girl to do, I give his feet baths in Tea Bags....Grrrr;) The flowers are awesome!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Inquiring minds want to know: to whom exactly did R.O.S.S. belong to?

Thanks for the reminders of spring.

Pearl said...

Beautiful pictures! We've had shoes that stink like that! GROSSNESS!

Charlene said...

Those were one of my favorite things about visiting VA! The bushes....not the shoes! :)

melissa said...

beautiful flowers!

cute picture of your daughter with the shoes! makes me laugh!

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