Sunday, June 6, 2010

Genetic Impossibilities

 Between the two of us, we have a pretty wide range of possible traits that we've passed onto our children.  Our kids have brown hair, blond hair, and reddish hair.  Some of them have big feet like me, some of them have little feet like Glen.  Some are musically inclined, others are as tone deaf as me.  Some are timid and quiet, others are louder and more outgoing (I'm not sure which trait comes from which of us on that one). 

There are a few traits however that we have determined to be genetic impossibilities in our family: 

1. Unfreckled skin--With the reddish undertones in her hair, Emma definitely got the brunt of this family trait, but every single one of the kids has them to an extent.

2. Non-brown eyes--With my hazel eyes I definitely thought we could get a variety of eye colors, but we're five for five with the brown.  Ellie's are the lightest, Spencer's are the darkest and my hazel eyes are at a genetic dead-end.    

3. Small appetites--I've never had a toddler who refused to eat.  Never.  My kids, every last one of them, has a good appetite from the day they're born.  I figure it's a blessing and a curse.  A blessing in that they eat almost everything I put in front of them and a curse in that weight issues seem to abound on both sides of the family.    They're all healthy sized (even skinny) now, but I worry about it being an uphill battle for them as they grow older.

4.   Being clean freaks.  A huge weakness for both of us, I fear that our children are destined for a life of messy desks, chocolate goatees, and cluttered closets. 

So do you feel like you have any genetic impossibilities in your family?  What are they?  Have there been traits your children have that have surprised you?   



Jocelyn Christensen said...

I was surprised that my son is left-handed! I was in denial about it at first, but now I've accepted it! LOL

Also, we both have blue eyes, so if anything other than blue shows up in a kids eyes in the future, I'll know something ain't right!

PS - I love the freckles!

Valerie H. said...

Lara, your mother had sun kisses on her cheeks when she was younger. It must have skipped a generation

Lara said...

Valerie, it definitely did not skip a generation. The freckles aren't as dark on my face as they used to be, but I am very "blessed" in the freckle department too. They definitely got that from both sides of the family. :)

melissa said...

that picture of you and your husband is just adorable!

I'm always surprised how stubborn... I mean persistent my 4 year old is... I still don't know where she got that from!!

What surprises me over here is how 2 kids have blue eyes and 2 have brown eyes...

I have green.

I would've also thought that my kids would have all been darker and had the brown eyes because of my husband. It's neat how it all works out though!!

Linzie said...

One of my ears is smaller than the other. My Grandmother also has this and so do all three of my kids, random!

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