Thursday, June 3, 2010

Purse By Any Other Name...

Once or twice a year, Glen has the opportunity to travel to Asia on business trips. While most of the trips are filled with important meetings and occasional hobnobbing with his foreign colleagues, in the course of these trips he's stood on the Great Wall, taken a ferry to Macau, toured temples and shrines in Kyoto, walked through the Forbidden City. 

Glen is normally not much of a  shopper, but given that there is this certain expectation in our household that when Daddy goes on a trip that he brings home a passel of gifts, he always manages to squeeze in a shopping trip before he comes home.

He's brought home authentic wooden fans, cute stuffed animals, kimonos, and wall hangings.  All fun, but forgotten after a few weeks.

But on his most recent trip to Asia last month he discovered a world famous market in Beijing called the Silk Market where he bought me this.....   
My other purse was  7 or 8 years old and falling apart at the seams, so I was thrilled with a new purse to tote around.  What I didn't realize at first though, was that this wasn't just any old purse that Glen bought me.  It's a fake Louis Vuitton purse.  For any of you who are as uncultured as I am that don't know what is so great about a fake Louis Vuitton purse, check out the price on the  real version here.   Be patient it takes a second to load.  Definitely don't skip this step.

So, yeah.  Now I'm a ponytail wearing, clearance rack at Kohl's shopper in old tennis shoes toting around a bag that looks like it cost a grand.   It's kind of cool and embarrassing at the same time.

On the upside check out how cool this baby is.  I've never had a purse that could fit all my junk into without so much as a bulge on the outside... 

My camera and telephoto lens.

Our flashlight. 

A quadruple combination.

My piggy bank.

A soft fuzzy blanket to use as a pillow at long traffic lights. 

A treat within easy reach ready for my sugar day.

A tasty snack.

And my lunchbox.

So, am I cool yet? 


Karey said...

Ha! Lara, you are very cool! You have your very own $1000 Mary Poppins bag! I especially love your tasty snack. :)

Pearl said...

You are cool and I was going to say the same thing...a magic Mary Poppins carpet bag!

Meeks said...

You crack me up! This post made me smile (especially the treat going in! yum yum!)

PS congrats on having a "grown up" bag!! ;)

Steve said...

What an "inestimable" treasure!

You really are way too cool for words Lara. Only wish that Louis Vuitton had a man purse that I could carry.

Thanks for the laughs.


Jocelyn Christensen said...


alexandra said...

I think all of the other comments have just about covered it. I did LOL when I got to the snap of the lemon bar. What a yummy treat to save for later!

Charlene said...

of course!

K said...

That is one cool purse Lara! The dessert on a plate is hilarious!

Momma Nielson said...

Nice post, Lara and props to Glen for bringing home something so useful not to mention entertaining.

Deanne said...

I had no idea purses could cost that much! But heck, when you can fit all that stuff in there it's a real steal of a deal. =)

shannon said...

So funny! I can always count on your blog to put a smile on my face! BTW, that is a very convincing looking fake LV!

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