Thursday, June 10, 2010

Isn't It Ironic...

  • That the meal I've made a million times for my family turns out "off" when I make it for a friend? 
  • That the first time I've had six dollars cash to my name in months, is the day that the kids come home from school asking for six bucks for their end-of-year parties?
  • That when I go to renew my books at the library, the only book they won't let me renew because there's a hold on it, is the only one I really wanted to keep around for book group? 
  • That the only time my teenager remembers exactly what I said, is when I said something I wish I hadn't?
  • That the later I stay up at night, the more witty I feel and the less witty I really am?
  • That the more I exercise the grumpier and more tired I feel?
  • That the only time friends drop by is when I've just swept the stairs into a huge pile of dirt on the landing directly in front of the door?
  • That I am as excited as the kids about the school year being almost done (...only 10 more days)!!!



Steve-Rosanna said...

These are not really ironic, but just a part of the fabric of daily life. ;o)

Can't believe that the kids are in school until the end of June. Poor babies-missing a third of their summer...

Pearl said...

While you are counting down the days until school is over for your kids, I am counting down the days until they go back! Give me my peace and quite and sanity for part of the day!

annalisa said...

Sounds like a rough day :( (or a rough couple of days) I hope things get better!

Stef said...

What! You are my twin. Also, recently the first time my bathroom smells of pee... I mean REALLY stinks is the same day that my mother-in-law comes to stay. Oh boy!
Enjoyed this post!

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