Thursday, August 19, 2010

Around the World Spreadsheet

 As an avid reader of 1000+ page books with 4 pairs of shoes total in my closet, it's abundantly clear that I tend toward the geeky side of life.

What you may not realize though is that I'm a pretty well-traveled least by most people's standards. With 49 states and 19 countries under my belt, I feel like I've seen some pretty amazing places in my life. 

Too bad I'm losing the battle though. 

Because I come from a family that:
A)  Loves to travel
B)  Is a bit competitive
My 19 countries is considered wimpy in my family.

One day a few years ago after two of my siblings returned from an African safari, one of my brothers decided it was time to keep track of who had been to where, so we could see once and for all who who had been to the most countries.  That's when this spreadsheet was born. 

It keeps track of all the countries we've visited and is updated after anyone visits a new country.  While increasing your total number of countries visited is the main goal, there is also a special badge of honor for those who go to places that no one has ever been to before. 

In the spreadsheet, the horizontal bars of color show the places where only one of us has been before...

So why do I publish this spreadsheet for the whole world to see? 

Three reasons: 
1.  I want you to be jealous that I've been to Lichtenstein and you haven't
2.  I want to show you that my geekiness comes to me honestly
3.  And the biggest reason was so that Glen could show off that...

He's now been to 2  countries that even Dad hasn't been to!!!!  India and South Korea. 

Now he's gone from a lonely 2nd-to-last spot on the list to tied for 2nd-to-last with my sister-in-law.



K said...

I can't believe you think you are the only one who has been to LaLa land. I've been too. sorry to burst your bubble! (o:

Mom said...

I too have been to LaLa Land. In fact, I think I live there.

Congratulations to Glen on two new countries.

And someday you'll make it to Alaska.

Aitch said...

How in the world did Nate overtake me?! I guess I need to plan another trip soon :o)

I can't wait to hear all about India and South Korea.

Clarinda said...

Wow! I think it's absolutely amazing how much you all have traveled. I'm incredibly jealous. I have only been to Canada and the Bahamas (outside the US, of course), but I'm hoping that will now change since both Jeff and I have current passports.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

That's one amazing list of travels...I would like to know where Lala land is?

Steve-Rosanna said...

I am offended that you left LaLa land off my list! ;o)

Actually-it is one of my most favorite destinations.

Great list, but sobering as I see so many creeping up on me. Like Aitcher I am feeling the pressure to plan another trip to someplace new in the near future!

My money is on either Peru or Morocco! Definitely got to hit Africa sometime soon. Half my kids have been to Africa-but not me. ;o(

Andie said...

Just catching up on your blog...this is amazing! I don't think I could find some of these places on a map. You guys are so lucky!

What was Pete's wife doing in North Korea?

annalisa said...

That's awesome that Glen has now been to India and South Korea!
He should post pictures on the blog :)

Lara said...

Lala land is the place where my brain resides on most days. :)

Andie, I have no idea what brought Mika to North Korea. I've wondered that same thing myself. I know she lived in Asia as a child, so I assume it was a long time ago.

AnnaLisa, I was really hoping for some pictures to post here on the blog as well, but alas Glen's schedule was so jam-packed that he didn't have time to take a single picture.

meeks said...

I saw this and thought of your family! Check it out! It's a Scratch Map!

annalisa said...

P.S. I just had to say that I've been to Jordan :)

P.P.S. That's sad that Glen didn't get any pictures. I guess that's what happens when you go over there on business.

Lara said...

Okay AnnaLisa, I just added Jordan for you and Tim! :)

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