Sunday, October 31, 2010

Adam's Baptism Day....

 Nothing like a family event to show off our true colors.  As hard as I try to pretend I have things together, my family knows better.  They get to see things as they really are--the thrashed bedrooms, the disorganized closets, and the late night panics to complete procrastinated tasks. 

Thankfully they love us anyway and all that didn't matter when we got to the church (as last minute as our arrival was).  It turned out to be a peaceful and perfect day despite our forgetting to bring towels with us to the baptism. 

Although everyone had to wait an extra minute for us, I still made sure we took a second to take a pre-baptism Daddy/Adam photo.

It was a stake baptism split into two sessions, so there were three other children getting baptized at the same time and another 4 during the following session, but Adam was the only one from our ward getting baptized this round, so after the stake baptisms we split off by ward for the confirmation service. 

For journaling purposes, here's a synopsis of the service:    We sang, "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus" and "I Know My Heavenly Father Loves Me".  Cami played a beautiful cello medley of "I Feel My Savior's Love" and "When I Am Baptized" and Uncle Pete gave an awesome talk about the gift of the Holy Ghost. Bro. Stevenson officially welcomed Adam as the newest member of the ward and Grandpa Crain gave the closing prayer.  The entire time, Adam kept a tight-lipped "I'm trying-really-hard-not-to-smile" grin on his face. 

Here's a group photo that we took right after the service.  Unfortunately several people had already left, so it's not a full group....

(People who were there:  Bishop Mark and Karen H., Pete and Mika and family, Allen P. and boys (Sam, Saku, and Benjamin), Aunt Evelyn, Aunt Marilyn, Matt and Karey and Lincoln, Grandma and Grandpa C. (from Utah), Kent S. (conducting), Eve, Hannah, and Becca T., Bruce and Mikey N., Nick M., Kim, Kyler, Logan, Gavin N., Steven and Benjamin L., Scott and Lance D.,   Jeff, Hyrum, and Joseph T., Aunt Heather (from Minnesota), Alex, Ana, Gavin B.


All in all, it turned out to be a wonderful day and we are thankful to all those who came from near and far to show their support.  What a happy day!!! 


And since you know I couldn't get off with that few of photos for an event like this, here's a few Mommy/Daddy/Adam shots Aunt Heather took for us when we got home: 

We love you Adam!!  Congratulations on a wonderful step forward in your life!!!



Daddy said...

Congratulations Adam! It was a perfect day and I hope you remember it forever!

We love you!!!

Deanne said...

Love those pictures of you, Glen, and Adam at the end. Where did you end up finding ties that Adam likes? (Now that Truman is wearing them, I might have to beef up his tie collection.)

Congrats, Adam!

K said...

Congrautlations Adam! We are very proud of you! We wish we could've been there! Love you!

Lara-I love all the pictures!

Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

Congratulations to Adam! It's great to be 8. My favorite picture is the last one.

annalisa said...

Congratulations Adam on your baptism!

Charlene said...

congratulations Adam on your special baptism day!

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