Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Answers to the Super Hard Quiz

Which one of the following statements are NOT true about my last week?

a)  I wrote over 85 emails in 4 days' time coordinating a PTA sponsored event.  Totally true.  The event went off without a hitch and made oodles of money for the PTA.  

b)  I picked a friend's front door lock with a credit card in under 60 seconds.  I was picking up Cami from her regular babysitting job  and somehow in the transition  between one babysitter to the next they locked themselves out of the house with all the kids.  I felt really badly making the mom come all the way from work to let them in, so I gave the old credit card trick a try.  I was surprised at how easily it worked and I now have new motivation to keep my deadbolt locked.

c)  I spent 3-1/2 hours on a school bus for a 45 minute field trip at a farm. Unfortunately true.  Don't ask me why they picked a farm in the middle of boondock Virginia for a kindergarten field trip, but after the back cramping bus ride on swervy narrow roads and an entire 45 minutes on the farm, I was as grumpy as all the kids who weren't allowed to eat until we returned to school at 2:00.   On the upside, the drive was absolutely gorgeous.  Someday I want to take the family back to Waterford to actually have time to enjoy it. 

d)  I picked Ellie up early from school twice this week, because she was so tired.  True.  Once after the torturous field trip mentioned in (c) and again the next day when I walked by her classroom and found her in the class by herself with the teaching assistant taking a nap while the rest of the class was at recess.   I was a little sad that the teacher hadn't called me, but was glad that serendipity allowed me to rescue her from an exhausting afternoon at school. 

e)  I was yelled at by the lunch lady at school twice in the same day.  Yes, apparently the lunch lady was a little hormonal that day or something, because she yelled (actually raised her voice and treated me like a first grader) for minuscule provocations.  
Okay, okay.  I wasn't going to say, but if you must know...she yelled at me for wanting to place a bin in the lunchroom to collect the kids' milk cartons for an activity and then later yelled at me for taking 3 disposable plastic spoons to help scoop out frosting for the same activity.  She actually screamed, "Don't you ever come back in here again,"  when I took the spoons.  Good thing I was in a hurry and definitely non-hormonal or she would have heard an earful.  It was her lucky day.   
f)  I was finally officially nominated into the "Bad Mom Hall of Fame" when I hosted Adam's birthday party with little to no planning and several unsent invitations.    You knew this had to be the one that wasn't totally true.  While it's a fact that Adam's party was ill planned  (picking the party day to be the day after the large PTA event that I was coordinating was my first problem). Everyone here should already know that I was nominated into the "Bad Mom Hall of Fame"  a good 15-1/2  years ago when we took a three-week-old Spencer to an Orioles' game and sat down right behind the dugout.   Every time a ball came within 20 feet of us, people dove, not to try to catch the balls, but to protect Spencer from getting nailed in the head by a line drive.  I've been renominated entry into the hall of ill repute approximately 7322 times since that fateful day in 1995. 

"Why, yes, those would be my son and his friends running wild through the neighborhood during his birthday party.  "

g)  I took care of my family's Halloween costumes in a quick stop at a friend's house and a 30 minute trip to the consignment store.  I consider this feat my tender mercy of the week.  I was so overwhelmed and distracted by the PTA event, that I hadn't given their costumes a second thought, although they were supposed to wear their costumes to the event that night.  I had less than an hour between setting up sessions at the school and raced off to the big consignment store nearby.  I was completely amazed at how quickly I found perfect costumes in Emma's, Adam's,  and Glen's sizes. Ellie's cute little witch costume was purchased from a friend who runs a tutu business.  Shockingly, despite the haste with which they were chosen, the kids and Glen were all completely thrilled with their costumes.  (Pictures coming later this week). 
"No, I most certainly did NOT pick out the costume that Spence wore to the stake Halloween dance."

Winner gets their choice of a kajillion dollars (after I make my second kajillion, since I owe Glen the first kajillion for putting up with me for 17+ years) or 16 awesome comments on their next blog post.  

I just reviewed all the guesses and it looks like we have a tie.  Both Charlene and AnnaLisa are the full winners (do they know me or what?) and since Denise was almost right, she gets the runner-up prize.  Since I already owe Charlene a gazillion dollars from my last super hard quiz, they will each get 16 comments on their next post (Denise will get 8).   Look for your awesome comments coming soon! 



annalisa said...

I can't wait to see all the kids Halloween costumes :)

Lara, you are one busy lady! That's all I have to say!

Katie said...

If only every quiz and answer key were THIS entertaining.

What a week!

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