Sunday, October 24, 2010

Super Hard Quiz #2874

Which one of the following statements are NOT true about my last week?

a)  I wrote over 85 emails in 4 days' time coordinating a PTA sponsored event.
b)  I picked a friend's front door lock with a credit card in under 60 seconds.
c)  I spent 3-1/2 hours on a school bus for a 45 minute field trip at a farm.
d)  I picked Ellie up early from school twice this week, because she was so tired.
e)  I was yelled at by the lunch lady at school twice in the same day.  
f)  I was finally officially nominated into the "Bad Mom Hall of Fame" when I hosted Adam's birthday party with little to no planning and several unsent invitations.
g)  I took care of my family's Halloween costumes in a quick stop at a friend's house and a 30 minute trip to the consignment store.

Winner gets their choice of a kajillion dollars (after I make my second kajillion, since I owe Glen the first kajillion for putting up with me for 17+ years) or 16 awesome comments on their next blog post.  

Make your guess and let me know which prize you prefer! 



K said...

My guess is d. I hope I'm right.
I could really use a kajillion dollars right now, so I hope the check is in the mail. On second thought, I'm afraid the check will bounce, so I'd prefer 16 awesome comments.

mom said...

I don't have any idea. I can eliminate 2 from the list but that's all. I am guessing e.

annalisa said...

My guess is f. Am I right? Am I right? Oh I guess you have to wait for more people to respond :)

All I have to say is that you are one busy momma!

I would also like the kajillion dollars, although 16 awesome comments on my blog would be rockin' too :)

Charlene said...

Can't these quizzes be any easier?? hmmmmm....I guess f too. Is this why we haven't gotten together yet??? ;)

Charlene said...

Oh yeah, I want the 16 awesome comments if I win, because I still haven't seen my kajillion dollars that I won the last time you had a quiz!!! LOL!!

Deanne said...

I'm going to guess G. Sounds to easy to be true! =)

Denise said...

I am guessing that all these statements are true. eek.

Mirien said...

Oh, certainly not b, right?

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