Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day Tradition

Our Christmas Eve program, our fun pre-Thanksgiving FHE lesson, homemade doughnuts on General Conference Sunday, Daddy's crepes for birthday breakfasts, Friday pizza and movie nights,  Top bí mật truyền thống mà chúng tôi sẽ không nói với bạn (haha-you'll have to google translate that one), raspberry picking on Labor Day, a trip to the zoo each voting day, Sunday morning letter writing to grandparents...

....we have some traditions like these
⇈⇈⇈ that we're diehard about, but we have a few others that we're a little looser about. 

Like this one....

apple picking on Columbus Day.

Today ended up being a gorgeous day off of school, so we headed to Crooked Run Orchards in Purcellville for the first time. 

We were a little nervous when we saw how picked over the orchard looked, but then Cami got brave and climbed the tree and got a little bucket brigade going with Adam.  (I was quite proud to capture the apple mid-drop there).  

When no one came to tell us not to climb the trees, it wasn't long before Ellie, Adam, and Emma were soon in the trees as well.  

Spence and his friend Ryan were too cool to pick apples, although the rest of the  kids begged to use their lacrosse sticks to reach the high ones. 

Instead, they entertained themselves by hurling rotten apples at this old dilapidated building that was literally crumbling apart at the foundation.  For as laid back as the management was about tree climbing, the apple hurling was kaboshed in short order.

 The day ended with a pick from the pumpkin "patch" (which was really just a big crate).   

After a mandatory trip to the "john" before heading home, we were entertained by the management's public jab at a local politician who is trying to build a road through the middle of their orchard.

And on the way home, Ellie totally collapsed.  The seizures, themselves, are very exhausting for her, but the new medicine she started on this past weekend completely thrash her.    Poor girl.


PS  If someone can tell me how to make it so my font doesn't randomly change while I'm typing, I'd highly appreciate it.  It started off with the right font, albeit with the unwanted white highlighting, and at some point changed without provocation to a new one.  Don't know whether to blame stupid Blogger who designed the formatting or the stupid blogger who's typing the post. 



angela said...

Ok, I just realized why our mail didn't come today. I am a genius!
Your new blogs/website look awesome! I think it is very generous of you to share with us like that. Thank you.
So sorry to hear about Ellie, your family will be in our prayers. Isn't life just so entirely unpredictable? You never know what is coming next. It makes me grateful for what I've got today.

Charlene said...

It was a first for us to have Columbus Day off!! Are there any other apple orchards that may still have apples left? We heard Butler Orchard lost their apples dues to the heat in the summer. We love to pick apples as a tradition in our family!!

Mika said...

I can't believe you went all the way to purcellville and didn't stop by to say hi. You were so close to our favorite place to take the kids. Great country farms. Have you been there yet?

Aitch said...

Looks like you guys had fun. Are you going to send me one of your award-winning apple pies?!

I still miss our apple picking outings at Carter Mountain in Charlottesville.

Aitch said...

I also had serious font issues with my last blog post. It randomly started underlining some of my paragraphs and I couldn't get rid of it to save my life.

Karey said...

Looks like you guys had fun!
I have started using Windows Live Writer to post on our blogs. It completely bypasses the Blogger editor so you don't have to worry about those weird glitches! Good luck!

annalisa said...

It looks like an awesome day on the farm! Those look like some good pumpkins. I hope when you clean out the pumpkins, you cook the pumpkin seeds!
I like the new office of the mayor :)
I want to know the secret tradition that you will not tell me ;)

melissa said...

I think it is so great how many family traditions your family has.

Looks like such a fun day!


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