Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Homey Fourth

On the morning of the Fourth we went out and did a little exploring at  Dyke Marsh,  where we hiked a bit....

 and did some birdwatching....

The kids brought their bird journals with them to add in and sketch the new birds we saw that day (an osprey and eastern kingbird)....

Afterward we went out for lunch and some Georgetown Cupcakes.  Too bad the line at GC was like 37 miles long, so instead we ended up at Baked and Wired (a few blocks away).  The cupcakes were every bit as overpriced as Georgetown Cupcakes, but we loved the fun flavors and short lines!

After all that exploring we came home and settled in for a nice homey Fourth of July!  We made these awesome layered patriotic drinks

And Glen grilled these stuffed pizza burgers (recipe coming soon): 

 Then we just chilled until it was almost dark and headed over to our neighbor's house for some light-your-own fireworks.  Most of the kids (Ellie excluded) were enamored with the opportunity to light their own fireworks,  especially since we don't usually don't buy any ourselves.  The boys--Adam and his friend Caleb were especially enamored!

After that we walked an entire 1/2 block to a culdesac around the corner from us and sat and watched the local firework show, which as of a couple years ago is directly across the highway from our neighborhood.  We get front row seats, 100% without the crowds!    It's about as awesome as awesome gets.    
Ellie jabbered away to our neighbor (an adult) the entire way through the show, then after the grand finale was over we walked 3-minutes through the empty streets to our home and put the kids to bed instantly. 

Good adventure, good food, good friends, good fireworks.....can't beat that kind of Fourth!!!!



Steve-Rosanna said...

Hard to beat a fun 4th of July fireworks display without the crowds. Remember driving a few miles when we lived in Blaine and ended up stuck for hours coming and going. Everyone was hot and sticky sweaty and had lots of mosquito bites. Nevertheless everyone seemed to kindof enjoy themselves. But, I still like yours better!

Denise said...

love your fireworks photos...and can feel free to cook for me anytime. : )

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