Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hotter than....

It's the middle of summer
and the heat is a bummer.
In just one step outside
the sweat is sure to abide.

One hundred and six degrees
makes us long for a breeze
and a chance to relax
and to rest our sticky backs. 

So how hot it is it you ask?
Well not to boast or bask,
but as my dad is fond to tell
the weather lately is hotter than....

Haha. Enough with the rhyming and the goofy timing, now it's time to tell my story which luckily isn't at all gory.  On Monday I drove 180 miles and took my Cami, all full of smiles, down to EFY (Especially For Youth is a church camp for kids ages 14-18, held at Southern Virginia University).   She was awfully happy and looking pretty snappy with her roomies Katy and Katelyn.  (okay, now I'm really done rhyming)

Then I made the random discovery that there was still room for walk-ons to join in the EFY fun.  We'd thought that Spencer had a big lacrosse camp that week, so we'd never signed him up, but now his week was open and we thought, "What the heck?"  So I drove the 180 miles back home, picked him up, and drove him back to arrive at EFY at 10:30pm.  Since the kids and I had had a very long day in the car,  we decided to get a hotel room there in Lexington and make Tuesday into a sight-seeing day on the way home.  So where do you go when it's hotter than Glen outside? 

You go underground!! 

We hadn't been to Luray Caverns in years and years, so it was a completely new experience for the three kids.  We all enjoyed being out of the hot sun for an hour or two and the kids were very interested in this beautiful underground world! 
My pictures are all funky with the low-light, but it was better than using the flash and not being able to clearly capture  the beauty of the formations. 
It was truly amazing to see a whole underground world beneath our feet.
After the caverns, we tried out the nearby hedge maze, ate ice cream, and took the scenic route home!

Although it was a lot of driving back-and-forth, it ended up being well worth every second of it. Spencer and Cami both came back from EFY on Saturday literally glowing and excited about the experiences they'd had and the friends they'd made.  

And the trip turned out to be a fun memory maker for Emma, Adam, Ellie, and I as well!   Now if I could just get my shirt unstuck from my back, I think I'll go to bed.  :)



Steve-Rosanna said...

Thanks for attibuting my old "hotter than..." routine to its proper author. So glad that both Cami and Spence had the opportunity to attend EFY at SVU. Hopefully one day they can come out to EFY-BYU. What a busy, busy summer.

Denise said...

you are amazing. so glad the kids had such a good experience. I look forward to my own kids going to EFY.

Deanne said...

You're such a great mom! This trip sounds wonderful. The caverns have been on my list for a while of places to see. Seeing your pictures makes me want to go even more.

Aitch said...

Spontaneous road trips are the best! I'm glad to hear that Cami and Spence enjoyed EFY.

It has finally cooled down a bit here so that it's not completely unbearable to be outside. Hopefully it stays this way!

K said...

Hope it's not as hot today! Looks like a fun trip to SVU. Good things happen at that university! (o:

annalisa said...

I want to go to the caverns. They look pretty awesome!

I'm glad Spence and Cami had fun at EFY!

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