Friday, July 15, 2011

Flashback Friday: I'm Okay.

Once upon a time summers were a relaxed time to be cherished and enjoyed.  Field trips, lazy afternoons at the pool, and good old-fashioned hanging out with friends consumed the better part of most days. 

That was then. 

Now, partially due to me overcommitting myself yet again and also the kids growing older,  our summers are now about as crazy as our school year schedule.    Although no one has had to remind me that I have my hand in too many pots, I didn't realize how out of sync and busy I really was until today when someone mentioned that I haven't been blogging much lately and they wondered if I was okay. 

While it's true that my blogging habits are often a good gauge as to the general state of my mental health, I didn't realize that it's how some people know whether I'm alive or not.   

So, yes.  I'm okay. 

And here is my blogpost....

A long, long time ago I had a good friend named Brenda.  She lived right upstairs from me in Alta Apartments and she hung out with Glen and I a lot before there really was a true "Glen and I".   We had lots of fun together and she ended up becoming an honorary roommate in our apartment.

Brenda and I did all sorts of things together.... like going to Preference together in a big group (pre-Glen).   Later on we wooed Glen with dyed-green chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream after he busted his shin open on a double date. 

Eventually Brenda was called on to serve in the DC North Mission (notice Glen IS in this picture).  :)  Shortly after Brenda left on her mission, Glen and I started "hanging out" a lot.

Fast forward a good 17 years or so...somehow the green tinted ice cream worked and I convinced Glen to hang out some more with me and Brenda lives in Oregon with her husband and five kids.   If I remember correctly I hadn't seen her much since her mission farewell.  

Then a few weeks ago she emails and says she's coming into town for a wedding and would like to visit.   Glen and Spencer were out of town for the day, so I brought the rest of the crew with me and met her and her 13-year-old daughter downtown. 

Cami and Aubrie hit it off fabulously...

It was a fun visit and easy to remember why were such good friends all those years ago. 

And now I'm done blogging and everyone can rest assured that I am alive and well. :)


Steve-Rosanna said...

Nothing better than reconnecting with old friends. Thanks for sharing and for reconnecting with the rest of us. ;o)

alexandra said...

It's always fun when old friends come back to visit.

And as far as the summer chaos, I totally hear you. A group of us were commenting on how we've got just as many meetings, events, etc. to plan and attend as we did before school got out. Perhaps we need to rethink our summers and what they're for?

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