Sunday, July 3, 2011


Youth Conference started at the crack of dawn for Spencer and Cami (and by default, Glen and I as well). 

Even though we were just helping at Trek Youth Conference for the day, we decided to still dress the part of pioneer.  I raided my closet and the kids' dress up basket for my costume, while Glen supplemented his with some accessories from the consignment store. All in all, I thought we looked pretty awesome.  :)

I found this sight of my pioneer man pumping gas as somewhat ironic, so of course I had to take a picture.  The cashier in Safeway laughed and said he looked like the man on the Sam Adams beer signs. 

I don't know, beside the frothing mug of beer.....what do you think? 

Then it was off to Trek with both minivans stuffed to the gills...

After arriving, we spent the entire morning setting up and getting prepared for the youth to arrive.  Right in time for lunch, the mostly smiling kids pulled in with their handcarts and families. 

After 12 miles, Cami found herself with a few blisters, but thankfully her friend Sydney spared her the pain of walking a few extra feet and carried her to the Nurse's station for a bandage. 

Of course, she was all smiles within about 1.2 seconds of her bandaging session and her and her Trek sister Katy had a great time enjoying all the activities Glen and I helped plan!

Spencer still has a camera phobia, so I put my telephoto lens to use and took some photos while he wasn't looking...

After all our planned activities were over, it was time for dinner and skits.  Thankfully I didn't have anything to do with the dinner plans, but since I was the one who created the skit planning binders I was highly interested to see what the youth made of my mostly goofy skit ideas. 
Of course, they were awesome. 

And now I am sleeping. 



Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

awesome! everyone looks great. bet they had a wonderfully testimony building time!

melissa said...

that's awesome! good work for being so involved!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Thanks heavens for telephoto lens-first time I have seen anything but a deadpan turned-head look on Spence in ages. ;o)

Looks like everyone had a ton of fun. Hope you utilize this week to really get caught up on your sleep. Thanks for sharing your experience at youth conference-sure brings back a lot of memories.

annalisa said...

I'm glad that everything went OK at trek! It looks like Cami and Spence had fun!

Also I definitely think that Glen's clothes look like the Samuel Adams guy, but not his face.

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