Tuesday, July 19, 2011

contest answer

What I need to blog about:

1. two sixes
2.  luna moth mating rituals
3.  trip to creek
4.  star struck at a fireside
5.  trip to waterpark
6. spontaneous day exploring the underworlds
7. bounteous fruits from our garden.....

(never mind I'll just throw this picture in and call the garden post done)

oh yeah and although I'm rather enjoying all the comments (kind of like the days of yore when I had a brain that functioned and I could write a somewhat witty, well-formed blogpost)  I guess I better put my dad out of his misery and give the answer to my last blogpost since no one was even close to guessing it right (although Mika was the closest).   

The reason for all of our crazy shirts was.....

 that we were trying to laugh and enjoy the stupid waste-of-good-money shirts from Unique, because laughing is way better than being annoyed and stewing over them. 

(sorry dad, you'll just have to read between those cryptic lines) 


1 comment:

alexandra said...

But I also said you got them at Unique! Though it would have been better if I hadn't said you'd gone there because your A/C went out. But I still got the Unique part right. Where's my half 'o the prize?

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