Sunday, December 11, 2011

This weekend...

  • At long last, I ordered our Christmas cards and now I can't wait to send them out.
  • I ran 10 miles and it was HARD!  Despite the fact that I've kept up with running, I seem to have lost a lot of endurance in the month since running the 1/2 marathon
  • I stayed up way too late, ate way too much junk, and woke up way too early. (maybe why my run was so hard)
  • We went to tithing settlement and discovered that two kids haven't paid any tithing all year.
  • Totally couldn't stop giggling when, right in the middle of teaching a lesson to the nursery kids about how Jesus wants us to be kind to each other, one kid started pelting another.  The other kid wasn't crying and it's not like anyone was looking at me anyway, so I didn't feel too bad about it.
  • Took Rocky for a walk and a doberman pinscher charged across the street and attacked him. He's okay, but it was kind of scary for all of us.
  • Didn't do an ounce of Christmas shopping, although I should have.
  • Went to a cousin's baby's blessing and got to listen to a Tony award winner sing, "O Holy Night".   It was AWESOME!


Andie said...

Who crashed your sacrament meeting? Mitt Romney?!?!

Steve-Rosanna said...

A most interesting post-so much information. Which leads to so many more questions. Can't wait to hear the "rest of the story!"

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