Friday, December 2, 2011

Wrapping it Up

Ever since Cami won this contest a few years ago, my kids have been interested in replicating her success by entering other contests found in the Kids' Post section of the Washington Post.  Most of the time, it never progresses past just the thought of entering, but then came the annual wrapping paper design contest. 

Emma had read about it in the Kids' Post and couldn't stop talking about it.  I decided that it sounded like a fun little Thanksgiving week project, so I went ahead and got out the paints and paper and let them go to town. 

We studied wrapping paper designs in our house, talked about some ideas, and then encouraged them to do their best.  I was rather surprised at how seriously they took it and although the process of creating was mostly fun for them, we still ended up with a few tears of frustration over some perceived errors along the way.

After several days of work, everyone was finally happy with their creations and we eagerly went to the post office to send them on their way. 

I think we would have already heard by now if they had won, but nonetheless I feel that it turned out to be a fun, festive, and time-consuming project for them on a vacation from school and the kids are already talking about their ideas for next year's contest.  I guess that means it was a success all-around. 
And all this got me to thinking....wouldn't that be a cool future job? 

"Nice to meet you, Adam.  What do you do?"

"Well, I'm a cardio-thoracic surgeon by day and a wrapping paper designer by night."


Free wrapping paper for life!



Steve-Rosanna said...

Love how you are instilling such creativity instincts in your children. You certainly have taken the infintessimal amount of creativity genes from Mom and I and multiplied them into some wonderful and very original ideas!!

Great jobs Emma/Adam/Ellie!! Love your designs.

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

K said...

Emma's wrapping paper looks like the real thing. What an interesting contest. Your kids did a great job!

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