Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tacky, Annoying, Excellent, Tedious, Phantom, Red Roses, Sitting Still Angst

This weekend:

We went to see some Tacky Christmas Lights with friends, then finished up the night at a nearby Krispy Kreme.  After just two years, it's quickly becoming a family favorite Christmas tradition for us.


We went the temple visitors' center and thoroughly enjoyed the Sandra Turley concert.  Besides the concert though, it turned out to be a very annoying experience.  It was way overcrowded and  after waiting in line to see the international creche exhibit for  over 45 minutes,  a big group of people cut in front of us, and didn't respond at all when we tried to show them where the end of the line was. In a moment of magnanimity and not wanting to cause a scene at the temple, we decided to leave the line and make sure we got good seats for the concert.    Next year, we will definitely not be going there on the weekend before Christmas. 

Cami gave a talk in sacrament meeting on how small and simple things can make a big difference.  She did an excellent job.   Click here to read her talk. 

Glen and I ran for 8 miles on Saturday.  It was still cold and tedious, but definitely an easier run than last week.

We did a little Christmas phantoming (in broad daylight no less).  My kids enjoyed doing it a little too much!
We celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary a day early with some cooking, cleaning, shopping, and a dozen red roses.  :)

After more than two years, I spent one of my last Sundays as a nursery leader today.  While I'm feeling like it's time to move on, I'm already dreading the sitting still for three hours (something I'm not very good at) and I know I'm going to miss those little ones like crazy!    Glen was released last week from his calling and with my release coming up, now it's time to dive in headfirst to our stake Youth Conference calling....aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!

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annalisa said...

I need to gather up a group and see those lights!

I really, really like the picture of your family in front of the temple! It's a great photo!

No more nursery... how sad :( I know how much you like it!

Happy anniversary!

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