Thursday, July 18, 2013

14 month check-up

More than a year-and-a-half after entering the world of parenting a kid with cancer, we had a first at Spencer's check-up today.

I'd like to say that it was the first time I actually said something witty in public.  Or that it was the first time that Spence didn't mind getting his blood drawn.  

But no.  

Today marked the first day that I had a complete and total meltdown in front of the doctor.  I've had plenty of meltdowns behind closed doors before, but never have I let my guard down so completely in front of a non-family member.  

I think it was due to a combination of factors--mostly having to do with the 10-lbs Spence has lost since his last appointment without trying--that I was in high anxiety mode.  At some point Spencer got irritated with me doing the appointment and that embarrassment combined with the worry and the lack of sleep it has caused me,  made me totally and completely lose it.  

It wasn't pretty.  

Happily though, despite the meltdown and the unintended weight loss (no fair!), I am happy to say that Spence is still healthy.  

And I can now say that I've been hugged by a doctor. 


Clinic Stats: 
Weight:  68.3kg (almost exactly 10-lbs. less than 2 months ago), WBC=4.5, Hgb=15.3, Platelets=125, ANC=2140



Cassie Thompson said...

I know that weight loss fear. I'm so glad he is ok!

annalisa said...

Yaaaaay for a clean check up :)

Anonymous said...

My son Luke at the age of 2 was just diagnosed with AML. We also home school. I would love to talk with you if you are interested. My name is Chelle Crecelius and we have a fb page called "Luke's Journey Through Leukemia". I hope to talk to you soon.

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