Thursday, July 4, 2013

All the Things I Haven't Blogged About Yet...

Constant clouds and rain notwithstanding, we are well in the throes of summertime here.  At our house that means waking up late, swim team, playing with friends, craft time, popsicles, time at the pool (when it's not storming), trying to police the electronic devices, and in general trying to keep the kids happy and engaged.    Somehow,  although I thought it would get better as they got older,   I still struggle to  find the time to do things for myself  in the summer.  Exercising, reading, and blogging all seem to be taking a backseat right now.  After starting several blogposts and never getting past the titles and maybe a picture or two, I  figured I better get caught up on blogging the last few weeks, so that I can stop feeling behind the times.

We'll start at the beginning of losing my brain.....the end the school year.  It was a few weeks ago (June 18th was the last day), but I didn't want to let these cute pictures of Ellie at the 2nd grade end-of-year party get lost into photo lala land.  Although it had mostly rubbed off by the time she was so excited to get her face painted.  And what would a party be without your best friend?  She loves Andie!

I had a hard time getting the kids to settle down for a nice last-day-of-school picture, so instead I got them racing up the sidewalk from the busstop.  They were all very happy to be done for the year!  

Ellie was so excited that she couldn't even wait until she got home to kick off her shoes!

Then a week after school got out, was Glen's 42nd birthday.   The cake was made by Emma and decorated by Cami.   The sunblock was just a nice prop to really spotlight the fact that the sun has occasionally poked through the clouds this summer.

It was nowhere near 42 candles, but it still took our "old man"  several tries to get them all blown out!

Here are a few more Youth Conference pics I found on Cami's camera:

I love Youth Conference!!!!

And last but not least in my catching up, what would summertime be without a little dress up time?
Although normally prone to dressing up as a princess or a pioneer, this week Ellie randomly decided that dressing up as Nacho Libre was the thing.

After I stopped laughing,  I tried to think of what made her decide to eschew the fancy dresses for pillow stuffed belly and a bathrobe cape and all I could think was that it must have been the nachos Spence made for lunch that day...


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