Monday, July 15, 2013

Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen years ago on a hot and steamy day much like today, I was huge and a week overdue to have our second baby.  Early on the morning of July 15 I checked into Greater Baltimore Medical Center and was hooked up to some pitocin to help our baby get moving.   It was a long day, but by early afternoon I was thrilled to be holding a  plump rosy cheeked little girl in my arms.

Camille Rose, whom we always called "Cami,"  weighed in at 8-lbs. 15-oz. and had a healthy appetite from day one.  The nurses oohed and ahed over her cute round head and chunky little thighs and called her the most perfect newborn they'd ever laid eyes on.    We didn't disagree with that assessment and were instantly smitten with our firstborn daughter!

Big brother, Spence, was also smitten and made her his best bud before she was even old enough to sit on her own.

She stayed chunky longer than any of my other kids and it wasn't an infrequent occurrence when someone called her "sumo baby".   She was an early talker and often surprised people with her articulate comments.  I specifically remember one time when she was about 18-months-old when someone commented about what a cute baby she was.  She got offended at being called a baby and was quick to correct them with a clear statement of "I am NOT a baby.  I am a big girl," except that she couldn't say her "G" sound yet and it came out more like, "I am a bid durl."

Today she is sixteen-years-old and still stunning people with her beauty and intelligence.

She is a hard-worker always striving for excellence and we couldn't be more thrilled with the lovely young lady Cami is becoming.  

Happy Sweet Sixteen to our Cami Rose! 
We love you! 



Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

Happy Birthday to Cami!

steve-rosanna said...

Happy Birthday Camikins! We are proud of you and love you.

Grandpa-Grandma Crain

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