Sunday, July 28, 2013

20 Hours < $1000 and other exciting tidbits from this week

Now that Summer is officially more than half-over, I keep expecting it to slow down its pace a bit, so we can have a few lazy days here or there.  Somehow it's not happening though.  This week flew by just as quickly as the weeks before did and when I reflected back at the week, I realized that we had a lot of pretty big things still going on that I didn't want to forget.  Here's a little glimpse at a few of those things:
  • After showing zero interest for the last several months, Spencer decided two days beforehand that he wanted to go on his scout troop's high adventure to canoe in the Adirondack's that left early Monday morning.  His scout leaders were amazingly accommodating and even his doctor bent over backward to fill out his medical forms on Friday afternoon with no notice. 

  • Glen drove 20 hours to pick Spencer up from his high adventure one day early so he could be present to win a $1000 college scholarship at a young adult cancer survivor conference that was held yesterday.  They required that all scholarship recipients be present to win.  
  • Last Friday Cami officially relaunched her cupcake business  for the summer (click on the link for details)  with a giant sample sale.  She made six different flavors (chocolate dipped strawberry, carrot with cream cheese, red velvet with cream cheese, double lemon, coconut lime, and greek yogurt raspberry) and sold them individually (normally you have to buy a dozen of one flavor).   She had some VERY happy customers who were thrilled to get a taste of Cami's cupcakes after she took a 10-month hiatus while she was in school.   Cami was also happy to earn some new fans at Glen's work when he purchased a couple dozen to share with his coworkers.  

  • Emma finished up swim team for the summer earning PR's almost every race and being an alternate for divisionals yesterday.  We are proud of how hard she's worked this season!
  • After a lot of prayer and deliberating, we have officially decided to homeschool Ellie and Adam this upcoming school year.  We absolutely adore our elementary school, which made it an exceedingly difficult decision to make, but we felt very strongly that it was the right thing for them this year.   Both Ellie and Adam are completely thrilled.  I am also excited, but a good bit nervous for the lifestyle change that it will entail!
  • With summer half-way over we have finally decided where we're going on our summer vacation (a roadtrip of course!).  Now we're scrambling trying to pull together an itinerary and find places to stay that actually still have vacancies.  It is my goal that someday we'll actually figure out what we're doing in the summer before summer starts.

  • They showed this video at the young adult cancer survivor conference yesterday and I bawled uncontrollably the whole way through as I remembered how hard it was to have our family life turned upside down for 6 months.  


annalisa said...

I am glad Spence enjoyed the high adventure! Looks like fun!

Congrats to Spence for his scholarship! Every bit helps.

Cami's cupcakes pretty much rock :)

Congrats to Emma on her swimming awesomeness!

I hope you all enjoy your roadtrip! It sure is beautiful there!

R said...

Congratulations to Emma on her great swimming. And to Spencer on his scholarship and to Cami on restarting her cupcake business.

It certainly has been a busy summer for you guys.

Hope home schooling goes great.

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