Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's a Small World

A couple of weeks before we left on our vacation I posted a status update on Facebook asking for ideas of what to do in and along the way to PEI.  Shortly afterward Cami's best friend from elementary school, Mikhaela, who had moved back to Canada a few years ago, excitedly got in touch with us asking about the dates for our trip.  In a very random twist of awesome timing, it just so happened that her family was planning to be in Prince Edward Island for two of the same three days we were planning to be there.

After jubilant rejoicing from our oldest daughter, we looked forward ourselves to reconnecting with our long lost friends.    We arranged to stay in the same place in Cavendish that they were staying and joined them for ice cream as soon as they arrived.

After being separated by an international boundary for the last three or so years, Cami and Mikhaela were happy to reconnect and lost no time picking back up in late night chats and lots of giggles....

Mikhaela's younger sister Josée was just a baby when they moved away, but Ellie and her hit it off too!

Mikhaela used to live around the corner from us and I didn't realize until we were all back together again how much I missed their family.  Luwana is a kind, dear friend and I really enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with her again.  Heck, we even joined in the fun with the younger girls and played dress-up too.

The night before we left we kept the kids up way too late, so us adults could all keep talking...

Josée was already asleep, but Ellie, Cassandra, Cami, and Mikhaela didn't mind their parents' distraction a bit and took full advantage of the extra time with their friends.  :) 

It was hard saying goodbye, but we are grateful for the opportunity we had to reconnect with our friends again and hope that we can find a way to do it again in the not-too-distant future!   


Luwana said...

We miss your family dearly as well. We feel normal and at ease with you all. There is nothing better than more kids than adults and all the laughing that went on. We are so thankful for the wonderful memories you helped us create!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Somewhere I can almost hear Uncle Walt (Disney) whistling "It's a Small World After all!"

What a neat story and wonderful friends like Luwana and her family are such a blessing.

Thanks for sharing.

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