Monday, August 19, 2013

Spencer Steals a Girl's Lollipop in Saint John


Once upon a time a family made plans for a vacation.
There was a little mix-up in the name of the city they were going to, 
but luckily it was all squared away before they left home
and lucky them, they were still able to find a last minute 
vacancy in this fine looking establishment. 

And the luck continued when  the next morning dawned bright and clear--
 perfect weather for a boat ride. 

They were a tad surprised (and worried) when they arrived to the boat launching site 
and saw this not-so-lovely paper factory directly across the river. 

But their hope was renewed when they saw that this was the view looking the other way...

They ended up going on a leisurely harbor tour where they relaxed... 

and got to hear all about the fascinating way that the Bay of Fundy and the Saint John River
interact with each other.

It was on the boat ride that they fell in love with the quaintness 
of the small New Brunswickian city 
and decided that they wanted to explore a little more than they'd originally planned 
before driving onto their next destination. 

But first they took a wild-and-crazy jet boat ride that took them 
spinning and splashing 
through the rapids and in process traumatizing a whole flock of cormorants
(and their youngest child).

After they dried off and stopped their knees from shaking, 
they drove to the thriving metropolis of downtown Saint John to eat some lunch.  

I don't know if there was something fishy in that bag of Bugles, 
or if the jetboat ride damaged their noggins,
but from lunch on after things went downhill pretty quickly. 

First Emma started reading the newspaper over some random guy's shoulder.
Then Cami and Adam started fraternizing with a creepy looking dude holding a pinwheel
and even Ellie started trying to share her lunch with a well buxomed lady waiting for a bus.

Even Glen broke out of his normally reserved personality and 
got all chummy with homeless guy feeding the birds. 

As shocking as all of their behavior was, 
Spencer's actions really took the cake.

Or should I say "took the lollipop"? 

It was shortly after he made the little girl cry
that they declared that Saint John had gotten a little too odd for them
and that it was time to move onto greener isles.

The end. 

Stay tuned for more Canadian adventures coming soon...

1 comment:

annalisa said...

Hahahaha! You're funny Lara :)

It looks like a beautiful ride on the river minus the paper factory! The weather looks like it must have been nice too.

Those statues are awesome!

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