Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Minor Details

What's better than finding a good deal on a hotel for your night in St. John's, Canada?

I'll tell you what's's figuring out BEFORE you leave home that you're actually going to Saint John ("saint" spelled out and no apostrophe "s" at the end) in New Brunswick and not to St. John's, Newfoundland!

Whew!   That was a close one for us Canadian novices!

Because if we had rolled into Saint John about 11:30pm and realized that we were 650 miles away from our reserved hotel, we probably would have just kept on driving and missed this...
Saint John, NB lies right where the Saint John River meets the Bay of Fundy.  The high and low tides create a funky set of events that makes the river change its course depending on the tide, giving it the name of "Reversing Falls".  As part of this odd natural occurrence the river/bay has a huge variance of water levels and experiences whitecaps and rapids that have nothing to do with flowing over rocks.   At my Uncle Buddy's suggestion, we decided that taking a jet boat ride in those whitecaps would be just the pitstop we needed on our way from Acadia to PEI.

We only received two minor injuries from the ride (Adam scraped his chin and Glen bruised his arm), but all in all it was a hit for the whole family....except Ellie...who was absolutely petrified the whole time, but later claimed it was her favorite part of the whole trip.  Poor youngest child.

Now we're in this lovely land (this picture was taken with my iPhone out of our moving car)....

where the internet connection is horrible, the gas is overpriced,  and the nearest grocery store is more than 25km away,  but even still we are in love with PEI's simple, but striking beauty.  The rolling farmlands, pine forests, red rocks, and seascapes makes for a truly spectacular backdrop to everything we do here.  Add to that that we ran into long-lost friends here and it has been a highlight of our trip.

Stay tuned for many more pictures to come....



George said...

Man, this brings back some great memories!
I'm glad you had fun!!!

shannon said...

Well your St. John's close call wasn't nearly as catastrophic as a friend of mine's costly error who booked a flight to London, Ontario, Canada instead of London, UK :)

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