Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Card 2013

So we went a little silly this year with our Christmas card.
Usually we plan to take a family picture either by photographer or self-timer sometime in the fall for the Christmas card.  With Spence at college though, we didn't have a chance  we were hoping for and so for the first time ever we used last year's Christmas pajama picture for this year's card.  It wasn't ideal that the photo is a whole year old, but we figured other than the kids being a little taller and us being older, grayer, and chunkier we pretty much look exactly the same.  Next year we'll have to plan better.

This year our Christmas pajama picture is poor quality (too washed out) and was missing Cam, so it is our intention to recreate it when she returns late next week.  There's no way I'm using it for next year's Christmas card though -- because of the aforementioned  reasons mentioned above.

Speaking of Christmas pajamas....
On the drive down from Utah to Mexico, Cami created this awesome collage of the last few years' of our Christmas pajamas.  Too bad she didn't wait until next week's version with all of us, but it is still awesome nonetheless.  Our 2011 pj picture was the most epic of all of them and that photo is still one of the top hits if you do an image search on google for "matching Christmas pajamas".  Too bad it kind of holds bad memories for me, as it was the last family picture we have before Spencer's diagnosis.  It was two weeks before the fateful day and he looks so thin and sickly in that photo.

On a brighter note, my kids love the pajama tradition and they are already making their request that next year's pjs be the zip-up footie variety.   I, however, don't love freezing to death whenever I have to use the facilities in the middle of the night, so I'm hoping they forget that request over the next 11-1/2 months!

 Hope you enjoy the day-after-Christmas!


Christmas letter:

G. Gazette 2013
For more see

Glen ran and fundraised for two Team in Training events, but has since fallen off the treadmill and now is looking for a new event to train for and help whip him back into shape again.  

Lara has had a proliferation of gray hairs, desperately needs more sleep, and is expecting to soon be arrested by the Christmas Card Police for violation of long-standing rosy posy letter writing principles.  

Spencer (18) is 18-months in remission from Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a freshman at James Madison University, and is the major source for his mother’s aforementioned gray hairs.  

Cami (16) has waist-length hair that is her pride and joy, sleeps approximately 23 minutes per night, and will likely soon break the world’s record for deepest held hatred for AP calculus.

Emma (13) is a clarinet playing-opera singing teenager now and with her almost daily treat and hot breakfast making is to be blamed for approximately ¾ of her mother’s extra pounds.  

Adam (11) has a penchant for turning anything and everything into a science experiment and was recently found to be responsible for the rash of cold weather in the DC area due to his undying fascination with trying to figure out how our new ice maker works.   

Ellie (8) is still the happy little princess fashionista of the house, but instead of lacy dresses and perfect little curlicues, she’s that princess with the unbrushed hair that you can usually find all rosy cheeked and out of breath from chasing her brother.

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