Monday, December 23, 2013

Heartbreak--Eight-year-old style

Yesterday was our church Christmas program  and it was amazing.  Our choir director is one part  passionate, one part hard-working, and the other part pure talent.  It's a great combination and it's been astounding to see how she has brought the ward choir to a whole new level in such a short period of time.  My favorite was the final performance of "Peace, Peace."  The choir and primary children had parts, then the congregation joined in with, "Silent Night."  It was pure loveliness.

The only hiccup of the day was during the Primary performance of "The Nativity Song," when Ellie had a seizure at the exact moment she was supposed to hold her sign of Baby Jesus up.  Her friends were all nudging her, but because of her seizure she didn't hold up her sign until the very end of her part.  She immediately realized what had happened and was completely heartbroken.  She held it together for the rest of the performance, but collapsed in a sobbing heap into my arms the second it was over.  The poor girl sobbed for 20-minutes straight, during which I shed more than a few sympathy tears as well.  She was completely convinced that her ill-timed seizure ruined the whole performance.  We tried to reassure her by letting her know that other kids held up their signs equally as late as her just due to inattentiveness, but she was still devastated.   In true Ellie form though, before long she washed her face, found some treats in my bag to share with her friends, and went back to class and hasn't said another word about it.

 practicing her part                                         after church

Man, I sure love this girl!


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Steve-Rosanna said...

Poor sweet Ellie. Sounds Luke a beautiful and amazing program.

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