Friday, January 17, 2014

Catching Up

Sometimes I just need a blogpost to recap a whole week at a time.  Here's a glimpse at this past week (since Sunday): 

*After an entire month at home for Christmas break, we brought Spence back to JMU on Sunday afternoon.  It's been surprisingly lonely and quiet around here without him.

*Sunday evening  our YW presidency held a  super  planning meeting for the whole year that went all the way to midnight.  It feels good to have calendared out the year, but it got my week off to a sleep-deprived start!

*Speaking of sleep deprivation, I've been trying to be more consistent with my exercising routine and by golly if that doesn't make me more tired too!  (especially the getting out of bed earlier each morning).

*I am helping the Laurels (the 16-18 year-old young women at church) create a cookbook that they can take off to college and missions with them.  They're submitting some of their easy family favorite recipes and I am formatting them for the book.  On Tuesday we had a photo session where they each brought a dish they'd made and I took photos of the food and the lovely young chefs! (see picture below)

*We've been learning about European geography this week at homeschool and I taught the kids all about the Berlin wall. I told them how I'd been there in 1987 and had seen both sides of it before it was torn down a couple of years later.  I showed them a photo essay about it and was surprised when I found myself very emotional when going through the pictures with them.

*My mom is in town watching my brother's kids while they go on a trip to Spain and Morocco.  It's so weird to know my mom is a mere 35 miles away and I haven't seen her yet.  We hope to remedy that this weekend!

*My 6-year-old niece in California faceplanted it onto the sidewalk while their family was out on a walk.   She knocked six teeth out or loose and dislocated her jaw.  The poor girl had to spend 2 days in the hospital because she couldn't eat or drink anything.  I got a small glimpse of how helpless it feels to be so far away from someone when they need love or support.   She is doing a little better now, although it sounds like she is still in a lot of pain.

*As part of the geography studies, my kids have been having fun creating sentences from country names.  Here's a sampling of their work:

"I am Hungary for Turkey Greece."
"I had to Russia a Czech to my Swiss bank account."
"Italy's boot kicked us in the Netherlands and caused us Spain."

*I taught geography at our homeschool co-op on Thursday and on Sunday I will teach the young women about their divine worth, so I've been studying, studying, studying all week.   Although teaching has never been my strong point, I am happy that I'm growing to enjoy it more and more.

*Oman.  The kids had so much fun with it, now I'll Finnish up by telling you how Iran to scrub the Greece off of my China and now there's Norway I'm going  to do that anymore.   It's way too Chile for that.

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