Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Who Am I?

Can you guess which of my kids this is about?  


I've recently started wearing my brother's blazers to church and to school.  

I randomly decide to bake yummy things and deliver them to people's houses…for no reason at all.  

I make dinner, including homemade tortillas from scratch,  without using any recipes.  

I drive my mom bonkers with my late nights and early mornings. 

I am the happiest one of all that there have only been two full days and two part days of school in the last two weeks.  

I hate writing essays with every fiber of my being.  

I accept babysitting jobs that pay in treats instead of cash.

I've recently begun receiving stacks of letters daily from prospective colleges.

Who am I?  

I am Cami Rose--
the kind-hearted, hard-working, beautiful oldest daughter in the house! 

I am loved!


PS  Cami didn't know anything about this blogpost when I wrote it.  :) 


Ruth said...

Cami, I pay babysitters with treats. :)
You and I could be such great friends! I love baking and cooking, but I hate recipes. Who needs them? :)

Shelley said...

Love the outfit! And good to know about the treats!!!

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