Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Favorite Present

So what was the kids' favorite Christmas present this year?

Here are a few clues:

*it clearly has nothing to do with hair care or grooming

*it  wasn't any more winter clothing that Adam could refuse to wear

*it definitely was not a rake 
(how long do you think it takes leaves to decompose on their own?)

*and it definitely didn't involve any new pets


So what was their favorite present?  

A slackline!  

Poised a couple feet off of the ground, the kids make their way from one tree to the next teetering, bouncing....

and laughing the whole way!

I love that it gets them outside more and that it's something they can all enjoy together.
I am very glad that it has the guide line above for them to hold on to, so that they don't end up like Dwight did in this clip....


Some other favorite presents:
Emma: weaving loom and some new clothes
Ellie:  pioneer doll set and a lap harp
Adam:  microscope and Monopoly
Spencer:  laundry supplies, a new coat, and a few textbooks
Cami:  trip to Mexico and some nail polish
Glen:  tools and a stereo system
Lara:  new macro camera lens (from my brother Nate) and a new kitchen

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Charlene said...

That looks pretty cool! Where did you get that? I've never seen one before???

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