Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mom Time

 Being the oldest in my family means that I also have the oldest grandkids for my parents.  In fact for ten years I was the only one in my family to have ANY kids of my own.   Shortly after Ellie was born though, the baby boom started and now there are eight cousins from my side to share the love with!    And lucky for us six of those eight cousins happen to live within 50 miles of us!

 Being the sole proprietor of Crain grandkids for so long, meant that grandparental trips out East usually revolved around our house and doting on the kiddos.  So imagine my surprise when just a couple weeks ago I started hearing rumblings that my mom was coming to town soon and nobody had bothered telling me.   She was going to be a mere 30 miles away and her visit had nothing to do with us.

It turns out that my brother and his wife were accompanying another two of my brothers on a trip to Spain, Morocco, and Portugal and my mom was coming to babysit their four children.  I couldn't stand the thought of my mom traveling 2000 miles and me not seeing her, so I've been thinking of every excuse possible to spend time with her.  We spent all afternoon and evening there on Friday, had them all over for dinner on Sunday,  and then went back and spent all day on Monday to enjoy the MLK holiday with them.  

The following photos were mostly taken on Monday and are some of my very favorites.  It was a gorgeous day that day -- about 60 degrees and sunny.  The kids spent most of the day outside and just soaking up all the cousin and grandma time!

 We laughed when I took this picture and realized that the only three grandchildren that are missing in this photo, also happen to be the only three brunette grandchildren (Spencer, Andrew, Madeline).   Apparently we have some strong blond/light hair genetics going on!

Little baby Jack was absolutely in love with Grandma.  He wouldn't willingly go to any other person besides his mom, dad, and grandma.  Here he is helping himself to grandma's dinner! 

This is Bridgette and McKenzie FaceTiming with their parents.  I absolutely love how happy they look to see them! 

All of us were eating up the chance to dote on babies/preschoolers!  It's been a long time since we've had one of those around our house!

Lincoln loves his grandma too!

This was a common sight on Monday--lots of dress-ups and lots of chasing the baby around.

It's easy to see that my mom is a seasoned pro when it comes to taking care of kids, because they all flock to her!

I also enjoyed my little kid time.  

….and my mom time!  

After all the beautifully mild weather on Monday, on Tuesday it got really cold and started snowing.  We got about 5-inches of snow, which may sound kind of wimpy to all my Minnesotan friends, but it's a lot for Virginia--more than we've had in three years.  With the super cold temps in the teens (again relatively speaking), the snow is not melting and my kids haven't gone to a single day of school yet this week and are home yet again tomorrow.

My poor mom thought she was was only going to have one kid home with her during the day while she babysat, but it turns out that their county has already called off school for the rest of the week and she's had a houseful every day.  

Although I don't think my mom minds too much, I do think  she might need a nap when she gets home!  

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