Thursday, January 23, 2014

Looking Good in Any Weather

On Monday it was 60-degrees and sunny.

The kids spent all day outside playing.

Then on Tuesday we woke up to this...

Temps dropped into the single digits, the wind howled, and five inches of snow fell...  

 School was canceled for three days in a row (in addition to having Monday off for MLK day), a fact which may have induced a tad bit of silliness at our house...

The wind was blowing too hard to play outside much, but we did get get to do a bunch of shoveling...

which of course required a good dose of hot chocolate afterward.

Today it was all of 15-degrees or so and this is how I found Adam playing football outside with his friends at homeschool co-op….

Besides the genius pairing of shorts and winter boots, I hear that red and orange is the new black and white!

Stay Tuned:  Fashion Seminar by Adam--only $2784 per session (or a plate of homemade cookies).  Sign up here for great tips on color pairing and how to be fashionable in any kind of weather.  



Ruth said...

Out of curiosity, and for future information, how does school get cancelled if you home school?
Would you be willing to send me some information about home schooling? I am seriously thinking about doing it if we move out there.

Lara said...

Ruth, I only homeschool the younger two kids right now (Adam and Ellie), so when the district cancels school that means that Cami and Emma are home and all routine flies out the window! Then it is downright difficult to get Ellie and Adam to settle down and do school work too!

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