Sunday, March 23, 2014

my brithday Ellies blog post

I got online tonight and found this blogpost already started for me.  Apparently a sweet little birthday girl wanted to make sure that I didn't forget to write her a blogpost in honor of her ninth birthday, so she just started writing it herself.     I left the title exactly as she had begun it.

Unfortunately My computer is on the fritz (hence the lack of blogging)  and I have no access to my pictures currently, therefore this will be a barebones unillustrated post written on my iPad.  I am really hoping that the Apple store can save my ailing MacBook!

From day one of Ellie's life she had a gregarious energy that left us both delighted and in awe.  With Both Glen and I being pretty introverted, we had never seen a bubbly extroverted personality so up close and personal before and it was hard not to fall in love with her magnetic and loving personality instantly.   She loves connecting with people with every part of who she is and she wants nothing more than to be everyone's best friend.

If there's something to be said about Ellie is that she dreams big.    She wishes  that she could teach her own preschool, be a published author, sing solos in church, be an artist, and ride horses every day.  It's one of the main reasons why I opted to homeschool her...her vivacity was getting trampled by seven hours of sitting still every day while the school was trying their hardest to get her to fit into their neat little round hole.  Not that I necessarily blame the school or the teacher--in fact we loved them both--but, in my opinion, the whole educational system of America does not serve the needs of the creative and energetic thinkers very well, of which Ellie is both!

One more thing about Ellie is that she sees the world through a different lens than most people.   She simply processes things in an innovative and beautiful way that constantly amazes me.  When you look at something creative or lovely and wonder how someone came up with the idea, it's most likely someone who, like Ellie, isn't looking at it with an analytical mindset.   When I look I see Logic and patterns.   She looks at the same things and sees stories and ideas that glimmer with potential.

I will have to blog in more detail about her actual birthday when my computer is fixed (hopefully), but suffice it to say that there was a delicious cake made by her sisters, a ruffly new dress, a fun new present, and lots of cheerful energy bubbling around our house today.

We sure love our Ellie Bellie!!

Happy 9th birthday!

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Jennifer McArthur said...

Loved this! Happy birthday, beautiful Ellie!

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