Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Reason Why

Bikes have been dusted off, my walking shoes are back in action, and our backyard remembers that there are more inhabitants in our house than just a dog.

Finally after last week's late-season snowstorm, I am happy to say that we are actually getting some springtime weather and I don't know who's happier about it--me or the kids.

Today it was a balmy 70-degrees and I could not pass up the opportunity to take the kids on a morning walk before starting in on their school work.

And I'm glad I did because this afternoon some dark clouds rolled in and the wind started howling.

Now it is 34-degrees and I have a very important question to ask all of you?

Why, whenever I hear the wind howl, do I want to break out into this song?

♪♫♬  The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside.  Couldn't keep it in.  Heaven knows I tried.  Let it go, let it go.  I am one with the wind and sky…. ♪♫♬

And why do I now associate this song with flatulence?

Oh yeah…

I have five kids.


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