Sunday, March 16, 2014

Reckless? Spontaneity

Glen has been working crazy hours the past few months.  This past week was worse than usual and I was discouraged when, on Saturday afternoon, I realized that we hadn't spent a single minute all together as a family since Spencer had been home for his Spring Break.  It didn't help, of course, that it was not Spring Break for the rest of the kids.  Save for Spencer being at home, we had a very normal week with seminary, school, kids' activities, and Glen working until the wee hours of the morning.  

So  it got to be 5:00pm  on Saturday, we hadn't been together all week, and everyone was snipping at each other like grumpy cats.    All that and we still had a full slate of things we were supposed to do that night. 

That was when we decided that it was time for some good old fashioned reckless spontaneity.  
We bagged our responsible evening activities and opted, instead,  for fresh air and family time.

It was literally the only time we had been all together all week and it turned out to be the healing balm we all needed to forget our busyness and stress and just enjoy being together. 

We went to Gravelly Point, a beautiful park situated right on the Potomac River and adjacent to Reagan National Airport.  
The weather was perfect for a little walk, the sunset was gorgeous, and a  whole-family game of touch football turned out to be a great giggle inducing activity for everyone--young and old.  

We watched the moon rise over the Potomac and kept playing until dark.

Afterward we ate a late dinner at Red Robin and had no regrets about the way we'd spent our evening.  

Then, today we dropped Spencer back off at JMU. 

We raced there right after church to beat the winter storm that already has school cancelled again for tomorrow. It's the kids' eleventh snow day of the year.  They've added two more days onto the end of the school year for make-up days. Tomorrow, though, is a FREE DAY, which means we can sleep in in peace!

The kids already have grand intentions for fun tomorrow!  Apparently we are having family round of  Chopped (a cooking show on Food Network).  I am the judge and I'm supposed to pick out four ingredients and let them conjure up something delicious to eat with them.  And they promised to clean up after themselves.  

It may be a bit more winter than I'd hoped for this late in the season, but you won't find me complaining about yummy food to eat and a day to sleep past the 5:00am hour! 


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