Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Identity Crisis in the Snow

I'm in process of going through a blog identity crisis….again.   It happens to me every couple of years.

 I love blogging.  It's as much a relaxing outlet for me as it is a way to capture the moments in our family's history.  Sometimes, though,  I start feeling like it's time for something different.  I haven't figured out what that different is yet, but I probably will at least be taking it out of my Facebook feed soon.  

 Everyone will still be welcome to read my blog (and I really hope you will), but lately I've been feeling like I'm shoving it into people's faces too much.    When Spencer was sick, people wanted to see the up-to-date happenings on his treatment in their Facebook feed.   Now that he's done with that life….hopefully forever…I'm quite sure that no one really cares all that much about the latest snowstorm.  Or the ramblings of my day.   Or the other random and boring things I like to blog about and if I've been annoying you with it all….I'm sorry!

But if you do like it…bookmark it and come back often!  I'll still be blogging regularly.  :)


In the meantime, here's another round of cute playing-in-the-snow pictures.

We had quite the gathering at our awesome sledding hill yesterday (our 10th snow day of the year) and it was fun to see it getting so much use!   We don't have many kids in our neighborhood, so we have to think ahead and invite people to come over.

The kids had twice as much fun with their friends there.

And it was hard not to smile at their giggles and happiness!

They were outside for 3+ hours yesterday afternoon in the around 30-degree temps.   Ellie wasn't phased a bit though and even laid down to make snow angels.

Adam and his friend Logan were the big boys of the hill and looked all cool with their open jackets and sunglasses!

Even AnnaLisa couldn't resist getting in on the action by taking her own little ride down the hill.

Goodbye snow!  It was fun to have you around so much this year.

But I really, really, really hope we won't be seeing you again until next winter!



Ruth said...

Keep it on facebook, please? I love reading about your family and it's not like you put it up 10x a day every day. I have to scroll past all the word of the day (how are there 5?) knitting and gardening pictures and game info, seeing you blog is a breath of fresh air!

Katie said...

Facebook link or not, I will remain a loyal reader! No one has the gift of "rambling" like Lara!

Shelley said...

I love the snippets in to your life from the blog! I don't have a good system for checking blogs of people I love and admire so I like it in my facebook feed. (Just FYI If anyone gets sick of it they can edit their facebook settings.) But if you don't want to post there I understand. I often feel like lots of people probably don't want to hear my woes about Luke or my health-nut blog posts, but most my traffic comes from facebook so I keep it up.

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