Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Anti-Billion Dollar Bracket

Back when we were first married, a bunch of our friends each pooled a couple dollars and had a March Madness bracket tournament.   I am not a huge sports fan, but in the name of fun I filled out a bracket anyway.  With a bit of serendipitous luck,  I somehow ended up beating everyone else.   Too bad the organizer  was so annoyed that a girl won that he refused to award the prize money.  Despite my lack of a prize, though, for twenty years I have prided myself on my skillful bracket choosing and have opted not to ruin my "streak" by filling out anymore brackets.

Until this year.

For some reason, even unbeknownst to myself, I got a bee in my bonnet a couple of weeks ago that we would have a whole family March Madness  tournament and the winner would choose a family adventure for us to go on.   I printed off brackets for everyone, painstakingly explained the whole numbering/ranking system to everyone, then handed them pens.  Glen and the kids were a little perplexed at my random burst of interest in basketball, but did not complain about the potential for a fun family activity (except for Ellie who decided it was too much writing for her).

I was a little giddy about it all and thought that this was my chance to prove my basketball predicting skills once and for all.

Too bad my luck ran out a couple of decades ago, because this year I officially have the worst bracket... EVER!

I like to call it the "Anti-Billion-Dollar Bracket", because not only am I not going to win any of Warren Buffet's prize money, but I'm also losing to the member of my family who picked their brackets based solely on which color of jersey she liked best.
I will take a little solace, though,  that Glen isn't winning either and it looks like we might have an eleven-year-old who inherited a bit of his mother's skills (from 20 years ago).


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