Monday, March 10, 2014

Sugar and Spice

Having three girls means that drama abounds in our house.   
If it's not boy trauma, it's homework frustration.  Or hair or skin woes.  
Or just  plain old hormonal induced grumpiness.  

With all that, though, also comes an incredible amount of sweetness.  
I love to watch Emma wake up extra early so she can curl Ellie's hair for her on Sunday morning.  
And Cami volunteering to make dinner on a weekend night despite the fact that she's had as long of a week as I've had, is something that melts my heart every time.
And no one can bring a smile to my face like Ellie.  She is sunshine encapsulated and loves nothing more than helping people around her to be happy.

Although sometimes their "spiciness" can be a bit much at times, 
I am so grateful to be their mother, so that I can soak up every bit of the sweetness.     


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