Thursday, April 3, 2014


I have been going through serious blogging withdrawals this past week.  Not only is my computer still not working, but our other computer is in high demand come homework time every night.    I've been a little out of sorts without my creative outlet and decided that tonight I am going to take advantage of the rare unoccupied evening computer time and write a blogpost.   My brain is too frazzled to be creative, so I'm just doing an A-Z recap of this past week or two in no particular order.
The picture I entered into the photo contest.   The theme was "books".   (see "m" below)

a) I was told that I am a wimpy Minnesotan for wearing a jacket on a 65-degree day
b)  I ate only freshly fried french fries and a clementine for lunch today.  Last Thursday I ate the same thing with a sandwich thrown in too.  My friend Shelly's frier is a homeschool co-op lunchtime staple!  
c) Cami got her first  "A" on an AP calculus test.
d)  One of our cancer friends (same age as Spencer) learned that her leukemia relapsed this past week :( 
e)  I deleted "Scramble" off my iPad.  It's a silly word game kind of like Boggle and I am pretty good at it, but I decided that it was a distraction that I could do without.
f) I led the discussion for our book group this week.  I read "Mary Poppins" and watched "Saving Mr. Banks" in preparation for it.  I came away liking the movies much better than the book or the author.
g)  I taught the homeschool co-op about the ancient American civilizations--the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans.  We read about Machu Picchu and weaved on cardboard looms.
h) Cami had a lacrosse game tonight and scored two of their team's four goals.
i) I submitted an article for publication into a magazine
j) Two people, in so many words, told me that I'm a bad mom and messed up with one of my kids 
k)  One day Ellie cooked all three meals for the day from scratch, without recipes.  They were all good.
l)  I got mud splattered on my face and clothes at mutual.
m)  I found out I didn't win a small photo contest
n)  Ellie came home from a friend's house with green hair 
o)  Emma accompanied the YW singing, "Come Unto Jesus,"  in sacrament meeting this past Sunday
p) I ate half a bag of stale popcorn in an effort to stay awake during a project one day
q) I am loving the fabulously perfect weather this week (once it stopped raining).
r)  I am seriously considering deactivating my Facebook account.  For some reason, it's been really annoying me lately.
s)  Adam made us delicious French toast for breakfast this morning, complete with his own special touches.
t)  I am looking forward to some spiritual renewal at  General Conference this weekend!  
u)  Cami started tutoring a 7th grader in math
v)  The three girls and I went to Women's Conference on Saturday and loved it!
w) Our washing machine is on the fritz and my laundry pile is growing to new and scary heights.
x)  Glen got a promotion at work, which I'm really, really hoping means that his hours will level off soon.
y) For the first time, Spencer went to his oncologist appointment without a parent and had another clean check-up.  Twenty-two months!  His two year  check-up will be at home with his original oncologist.
z)  I've got a slight cold and it's making me so EXHAUSTED that I actually dhfjdahzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....


Ruth said...

I sure hope you ignore whoever said you were a bad parent and messed up your child. If I could count all the times I have been ragged on for my chocies, geeze. Some people think their way is the only way. :P
Good job getting an A Cami!
Lara, don't delete your facebook account, it's all I have! :)

Pete said...

Congrats to Spence and Glen!! Whoever said you are a bad parent should be kicked in the head.

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