Friday, April 18, 2014

To whom it may concern:

Dear Chamber of Commerce of the Eastern Shore of Virginia,

You may want to rethink your available selection of  postcards. 

 Although racks and racks of postcards of a dilapidated house and a super close-up of an oyster could be charming in certain circles,  I'm not sure on which planet those circles can be found.

May I suggest that a postcard of something like this to be a tad more effective?

Sure it's just an iphone shot and not overly exciting, but it certainly fits the whole, "Virginia is for Lovers" theme a little better than a run-down house.    

Even a cheesy picture of a cute girl taking  selfies while swinging on an amusement park ride seems quite a bit more appealing than your current offerings. 

And what about a postcard of a cute girl proudly holding up the two stuffed tarsiers (or are they loris?) she won?    Who can resist neon rainforest  animals?!

If all else fails, even a shadowy picture of a family having fun on a carousel would be better than oysters. 

Thank you for considering these other options and yes, I am volunteering to be your official advertiser/photographer.  My salary Requirements are $497,000 per year, a season pass to everything fun in the area, and a super telephoto lens for my camera.   I will look forward to your call.  


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