Friday, April 25, 2014

Almost Perfect Date

This has been "MY"special movie clip since the moment a family member heard it uttered on the big screen fourteen years ago and called me as soon as the show was over to tell me that I'd been born on the "perfect date".

For years I've referred to it and quoted it every April 25th and very few people have had a clue what I was talking about.

This year, though, I've seen this picture in several places on Facebook and Cami says it's all over Twitter today too.   Finally non-April-25th-ers are starting to discover what the perfect date is as well!

....too bad Ellie didn't get that memo, though!

Poor Ellie developed a high fever and a rash on Tuesday--symptoms which put her neurologist on high alarm about her new anti-seizure medication (Lamotrigine).

We immediately stopped giving her the medication and kept the neurologist updated about how she was doing.  When she didn't improve and the rash continued to spread, on  Thursday afternoon we were told to bring her to the emergency room.    There the doctors determined that her symptoms did NOT fit with the scary things that they were worried about and sent us home after a few hours.

There is still one more minor issue that needs follow-up, but after yet another trip to the pediatrician today,  it was declared that as things stand right now she doesn't need to come back to the doctor's office again until next Friday unless something changes.    Today she still has the fever and the rash, but  she seemed to be feeling just a tad more chipper and I was happy to have her accompany me for a post-doctor visit birthday lunch.

Then after spending the afternoon and evening in very normal fashion, which means hours in the car toting kids all over town, Glen and I went out for a birthday dinner and  came home to this beautiful cake made by Emma and an edible fruit bouquet from  my sisters.  All in all, it was a quiet, albeit busy way to ring in my birthday and I'm thankful to celebrate a new year of life...even if half my family did have to be reminded that today was the day. :)

Now that the perfect date is almost over and my Facebook notification bonanza is about to come to an abrupt end, I will take advantage of an already started blogpost and throw in a few more pictures from Spring Break.

This was a path we found that wound just off the beach in Kiptokeke State Park.

There was not another soul on the trails that day and we enjoyed the quiet, peacefulness we found...

The kids toted their seashells with them throughout the entire walk...

and in general we all just enjoyed the opportunity to be outside...

and enjoy the freshness and togetherness of a cool spring day.  


Sarah Cannon said...

Happy birthday! I'm glad Ellie is ok!

Jennifer McArthur said...

Sweet, sweet Ellie. Happy Birthday, Lara!

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