Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Peek at Christmas

Christmas is finally here and everyone at our house is giddy with excitement!     

Even our furniture-less living room is bursting forth with twinkling Christmas lights, paper snowflakes, and looped chains across the ceiling.  

Our front door is thrilled to be blanketed with warm Christmas greetings from friends and family from far and near.   It's actually filled up even more since this picture was taken and we are now figuring out where to put the overflow!

Our table was shocked with happy surprise when we actually had our annual Christmas in Bethlehem dinner by candlelight BEFORE Christmas this year instead of after.   We had falafel, flat bread, lentil soup, greek salad, hummus, and baklava.  It was all absolutely delicious and the kids made it completely by themselves this year.  {yay, for me for teaching the kids how to cook!}

Even the kids' playdates have taken on a Christmasy vibe.  Here are Ellie and Hannah dressed as a Pilgrim and an Indian playing an old-fashioned Christmas.  They were sooooooo excited when I allowed them to light the candles long enough to take the picture of them! 

The Christmas joy spread into the neighborhoods when we took our Young Women Christmas caroling!   We played a little joke on them in the name of teaching a lesson, but it was thrilling experience nonetheless to gather with them in songs of praise! 

Santa has been visited….

at least by two of our kids….

and now we're running some last minute Christmas errands, gearing up for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner out at a restaurant, our Christmas Eve devotional that helps us remember the true meaning of Christmas, and then snuggling up and waiting for Santa to come! 

Merry Christmas!!!  


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Rachel said...

love the picture of your tree all festive with the lights!
Such a creative Christmas in Bethlehem tradition!

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