Monday, December 1, 2014

A True Riddle

I started today in a courtroom, spent most of the rest of it at the hospital, and then just made a frantic 9:00pm mad dash to the grocery store for sugar and cream cheese.
This picture I took of the beautiful sunrise in the mountains of Virginia 
has nothing to do with the rest of the post. 

First person to guess what the heck was going on today gets a big yummy prize (and a contract with me to work as a mind reader).

Then I have a gazillion dollars to the first person to figure out how we can go back in time about five years and freeze everything to when life was a whole lot simpler!

Go ahead and guess….

PS  Everyone is fine and no one is in jail.


annalisa said...

Oooh. I know. I know, at least part of the answer, but I will refrain from saying anything. ;)

Aitch said...

1. You've been secretly going to law school at night and you were trying your first case.

2. Your client became violent in court and was tackled by the security guard and you were caught up in the fracas and needed stitches.

3. You doctor prescribed cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting to help you heal.

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