Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our Greatest Accomplishments of 2014

Here is a recap of our family's greatest (sort of) accomplishments of 2014 and our goals for 2015.  

accomplishment:  creating a chore system that actually lasted longer than a couple of weeks.

goal:   dye my hair more often (and exercise more and eat healthier and try to be better).     Seriously though,  I either need to embrace the gray or dye it more often, because my hair looks horrible 98% of the time right now.

accomplishment:   getting a promotion at work which included a car allowance.   After driving the old junker minivan to work for 3+ years, he couldn't be more excited about the decidedly unembarrassing red car he drives now.

goal:  to successfully complete a century bike ride (100 miles) this summer.  That's only zero to a hundred miles in six months.

accomplishment:  making it through Organic Chemistry 241 with his brain {mostly} still intact.

goal:  to do his part to keep stress levels in his and his parents' lives to a nice normal level.    

accomplishment:  not only surviving her junior year and 3 AP classes at once (AP Calculus, AP Lang, and AP Human Geography), but kicking butt on them and getting 5, 4, and 5 on them respectively.

goal:  to graduate HS with over a 4.0 GPA, to get into BYU-Provo, and go on a few hot dates in the meantime!

Emma --
accomplishment:   officially became the best cook in the family when she beat Cami in a cupcake baking contest.  I lost that title several years ago.

goal:  to not eat any artificial food colorings or flavorings, gluten, sugar, or any food besides dark chocolate really.

accomplishment: learning how to program a robot.  

goal:  to beat everyone (especially daddy) at every board game we own.

accomplishment:  reading the first three Harry Potter books all by herself!

goal:  to finish reading the Harry Potter series and to finally convince her mother to serve her anti-seizure medication on ice cream or pudding all the time, instead of boring old yogurt.

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annalisa said...

Your family rocks! You all have some pretty awesome goals.

Happy New Year!

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