Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Riddle Answers (aka the Day of Stern Warnings)

I'm pretty sure no one would have ever gotten this riddle right unless you happen to live in our house, but  here are the answers to the few of you who might actually have been a little worried about us.  Thanks for your awesome guesses, H!   The offer still stands for whomever figures out how to rewind the clock to simpler days.  

I started today in a courtroom, spent most of the rest of it at the hospital, and then just made a frantic 9:00pm mad dash to the grocery store for sugar and cream cheese. What was going on today?   


1.  Why was I in a courtroom?   Cami had been served a summons (by a policeman showing up at our door) to go to court because of her traffic accident in August.    Monday was her day in court.   Thankfully the judge was kind to her, dismissed the charges, and sent her on her way with a very stern warning to be a better driver.

2.   Why did I spend most of the day at the hospital?  Glen almost passed out at church on Sunday (while bearing his testimony).   Because nothing like that had ever happened to him before, I took him to the ER to rule out anything serious going on.   The doctors immediately admitted him and spent about 30 hours performing a myriad of tests on him.   Everything (heart, lungs, blood, blood pressure, etc) all came back totally normal and he was finally released on Monday evening with a stern warning not to skip breakfast anymore.

One of the worst parts about the whole incident was that it happened very publicly, which is the only reason why I am even mentioning it here on the blog.  Not a ton of people noticed the incident actually happening, but then when the bishop called on Glen to comment in the third hour of church and we were already gone,  apparently one of my friends very frankly replied to everyone, "Glen almost passed out and Lara took him to the hospital."    That's when the texts and phone calls started like crazy.    

On the one hand, it was great to see the outpouring of love and concern for his wellbeing, but on the other hand, it was a tad embarrassing to have his little health scare so widely known.   We even had Glen's parents worriedly calling him from Colorado, because Glen's aunt, who is in our ward, had told them.   I opted not to tell my family until it was over, just to avoid unnecessarily alarming anyone else.  We figured a couple hundred worried people was plenty, at least until we knew whether there was something actually worthy of worry going on.

He is now feeling almost 100% and the only restrictions he was given, was to not use his right arm for two days because of a procedure they did to him.  The worst part about that is that means he can't drive, which means that yours truly is acting as chauffeur as he goes to and from work (20 miles each way).  I  actually really like the extra time I get to spend with him in the car, but I am already really, really sick of traffic.

3.   Why did I have to make a mad dash trip to the store for sugar and cream cheese at 9:00pm?   Cami had two big cupcake orders at the same time and did not realize until 9:00pm that we were totally out of sugar and cream cheese.   In a family that has a food storage, running out of a staple like sugar is almost unheard of.   Then again, if I were to try to have an entire year's supply of sugar in our house, it would probably take up an entire room.  With her cupcake business and all of children's predilection to baking, it's absolutely obscene how much butter, cocoa, eggs, sugar, and powdered sugar we go through at our house.     Thankfully it's not us eating all of it.

I was not very excited by the late night (by my standards) trip to the store and Cami ended the day with a stern warning to better stay on top of her ingredient supplies, so that I can replenish them when I'm grocery shopping anyway.  

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Aitch said...

I'm glad that it turned out be nothing worse than stern warnings for all involved!

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