Thursday, December 18, 2014

21 Years!

21-years ago today, on a beautiful sunny and cold Colorado morning,  Glen and I were married in the Denver temple.  We were young, but very much in love and so excited to be starting our new lives together.   
December 18, 1993

In those 21-years we've...

earned 3 college degrees
(Lara {BS}, Glen {BS, MAcc})

had 5 kids
(Spencer, Cami, Emma, Adam, Ellie)

lived at 6 different addresses
 (1 in Utah, 3 in Baltimore, 2 in Virginia)

owned 1 house
(where we currently live)

been in 4 different wards 
(C H 1st--3-years, Tow./Luth.--2-years, Hamp.--1-year, Vi.--15-years)

owned or leased 8 cars 
(some of them better than others)
(Dodge Shadow [93-96], Ford Taurus [96-98], Toyota Camry [98-02], Toyota Sienna #1 [02-14], 
Toyota Corolla [03-11], Toyota Sienna #2 [11-?], Lexus [14-?], Honda Accord [14-?])

totaled 2 of those cars
(Glen x1, Cami x1) 

owned 1 Christmas tree
(bought it at a Black Friday sale when we were first married)

lost 6 grandparents
(only my paternal grandmother is left)

had 1 kid diagnosed with a life-threatening illness
(He's 2-1/2 years in remission now!!!!) 

had 1 kid diagnosed with a chronic, life-affecting illness
(Ellie told Cami just yesterday that she was glad she didn't have to worry about driving 
when she was older, because the thought of driving made her nervous.  I hope she feels the same in 7-years.)

had 4 surgeries performed
(Spencer x3 {central line placement and removal, appendix removal}, Emma x1 {eye surgery})

homeschooled each one of the kids for at least one year
(actually we're in the middle of Emma's year right now)

had 5 broken bones
(Spencer x2 {finger + toe}, Adam x1 {foot}, Ellie x1 {ankle}, Lara x1 {toe}) 

had 6+ pets
(2 hermit crabs, 2 gerbils, an assortment of fish, 1 dog

been on countless road trips together 
(as a family we're up to 42 states, we only have SC, GA, FL, MS, AL, LA, AK, and HI left)

changed approximately 22,812 diapers
(averaging 5 per day, 2-1/2-years per kid)

21-years later…
we're older, grayer, heavier…

and more in love than ever!


annalisa said...

Happy anniversary!

Charlene said...

Happy Anniversary!! Just an FYI, if you decide to visit some of the southern states, you might as well stop at Texas too!!! ;)

Jennifer McArthur said...

Love this!

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