Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Golden Nine?

No I'm not having twins (or even one)-- Kristina! After a lot of begging and convincing their mom...the kids are delighted to announce that we've officially become a pet family!

Meet Fui--the gerbil
(pronounced "phooey")

And Lucy--the other gerbil

The maze Spencer and Glen created for a science project (the final impetus for getting out the door and actually acquiring the gerbils)!

And in a sick twist of irony...on the day that we purposely brought 2 rodents into our home we caught (yes caught!) our first wild rodent that had made its way in our patio door. It was almost as cute as Fui and Lucy, but this little rodent did not receive the same welcome response! After a quick trip to the woods we were back to only two again!

On an interesting note, while at our trip to the National Zoo today we learned that of 5000 species of mammals in the world, over 2000 of them are rodents! Ack!


al said...

you have gerbils?! i cannot believe it! that's pretty cool!

Pete said...

Yuck. I can't believe you gave in to your kids. I'm sure Lauren and McKenzie will be excited to meet the newest members of your family.

K said...

As long as all the other rodents stay out, then you should have fun with your gerbils. I'm sure Andrew would love it if we brought home a pet of any variety.

mom said...

I have had a few too many experiences with mice to think that any rodent is cute. At least they aren't rats like the Larsen kids had. Who chose their names? Good luck with them.

Pete said...

Is Fui named after a certain runningback?

Lara said...

Yes that is the Fui that Spence chose as his gerbil's namesake.

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