Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to K (yesterday)!

My sister, Kristina, is only 2 1/2 years younger than me, so growing up we occasionally had a few little cat fights, mostly revolving around her wearing my clothes...however now that we're all grown up (sort of), Kristina, like all my siblings, has become a best friend.

Kristina is an awesome mom who is not afraid to get down and play with her sweet Andrew. And not afraid to go through another 9 months of heck to have another one in a few weeks!

Kristina is the queen, or maybe I should say "King" of thoughtful surprises and finding the best deals...whether it be at Kohls, on an airline ticket, or car rental, or the latest hot toy that's impossible to find (thanks K), somehow she always finds the bargain of the day.

Back row: Nate (4), cousin Aaron, Kristina (2 1/2)
Front row: Me (5) holding Peter(baby), cousin Ashley
holding another unknown cousin

Being the big sister that I am, I have to put in a little embarrassment into her birthday blog post.

Kristina used to be deathly afraid of dogs, hence the dramatic screaming in the above picture when a dog walked nearby. I actually vividly remember this picture being taken, because it was so traumatic and confusing for me when everyone else started screaming ! Thankfully, she has outgrown her dog and screaming issues quite nicely!

We love you K!

HAPPY 32nd BIRTHDAY Kristina!!!!!!


mom said...

Happy Birthday Kristina!! Yesterday! Good pictures.

K said...

I love it when the whole country celebrates my birthday!

al said...

happy birthday k!! you're awesome!

Dad-Mom said...

Happy Birthday K!!

Lara absolutely hit the proverbial nail on the head describing your scrounging bargain hunting talents.

Need a rental car, a hotel, a cheap airline ticket?? Car K and she will find you something. Can't tell you how many dozens of times that I have called you from the car heading somewhere and asked you to check out hotels, prices, etc., etc. And invariably you find me what I am looking for!

The "Dog Warning" picture is one of my all-time favorites.

Thanks for posting Lara!

Happy Birthday Kristina! We love you!


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