Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Six months ago, before our cool new computer and high speed internet entered my life the term "digi-scrapping" was foreign to me. Since then, I've been introduced into a whole new world of mess-free scrapbooking! And I'm completely addicted.

So being the slightly over-zealous person that I am, it wasn't enough to just start digi-scrapping for my family.

No I needed a challenge...and a deadline.

Since it was my turn to teach preschool this week, and I had "Families" as my topic, I got this great idea of how cool it would be for all the kids to be able to truly see what their family history looks like first hand.

So my totally insane idea was born and now after hours of collecting photos from everyone, scanning like crazy, and days and days of really getting to know my Adobe Photoshop Elements--here is a glimpse at one of the EIGHT finished projects!


mom said...

All I can say is Wow! That is very cool. No wonder you have been so amazingly busy. Cool pictures too.

staceyscott80 said...

Your pages look amazing! I am very impressed.

K said...

You're amazing! Those pages are so cool!

Deanne said...

So cute, Lara! What program did you use and where did you download all the embellishments and paper? I've been considering dabbling in the digi scrapbooking as well. Not sure if I can give up actually touching my photos, papers, and stuff though. But it'd be fun to try it out. BTW, apparently Costco now prints 12x12 pages.

Ashby said...

Lara, those pages turned out so great! Now I know what you were trying to print out at Costco! We need to have a night of digi-scrap talk.

Grandpa-Grandma said...

You amaze me Wawa!!

Just how many projects do you have going at any one time?!?

These pix are so cool.

Thanx for sharing.

Love, Dad-Mom

Paige said...

You SO rock. You weren't kidding when you said addicted. Man, a girl who went from no sound on the computer to an Adobe Elements Whiz kid. You have to teach an RS enrichment class on this!

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