Monday, November 26, 2007

Day on the town !

Every year for Emma's birthday, I find that the timing of it makes it challenging for me to put together a birthday this year we decided to forgo the big party with friends and do a day out on the town!
So, on Saturday (I have NO idea how to fix or turn off the incorrect date stamp on our camera), Emma, Mika, and I went to Benihana's in Georgetown. We had so much fun watching as they cooked our food right on our table and tapped their knives like drums and entertained us. Emma did awesome with her chopsticks---even eating her rice!

Then, we had to drop off Mika, so we picked up Adam to head to the mall to finish our night on the town! We had smoothies and....

Adam holding "Michael" and "Daniel" and Emma holding "Amanda" and "Sophie"

off to Build-a-bear. Our very first time, but surely not our last! They had SOOOO much fun choosing their new stuffed friends, helping the workers to fill them with stuffing, putting in a heart, sewing them up, and choosing their clothes.

I'll take this kind of birthday party any day over sending invitations, taking rsvps, making lots of food, and entertaining 10 children for two hours!


mom said...

Sounds like a great time. Emma looks very happy as does Adam. Emma obviously enjoyed her day on the town.

K said...

Sounds like a fantastic idea!

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