Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Post

For those of you who are faithful "A Day At a Time" followers (all four of you), I have to apologize.   I have a short attention span when it comes to blogging and anytime there's an event (like a vacation) that takes time to blog about, I get bored.   I start interspersing my vacation posts with current life and pretty soon there's no rhyme or reason whatsoever to  the order of my posts.  Basically I blog about whatever catches my fancy, not really paying attention to the fact that I'm confusing my readers and  that someday my future grandchildren will rightly conclude that I am weird.      

I still have a handful of vacation posts left and I don't want to let the beautiful pictures and stories get lost to our memories, but truth be told, I have absolutely no interest in posting them.  They're boring even for me to write, which is why they've been filled with random comments and fictitious stories.  Even then,  my blog stats have dropped through the floor the last couple of months.    So, I'm going to stop trying so hard and just get these posts done.   This post will be so boring it should make you cry tears of pity for anyone who actually reads it.    Seriously.    


Bed in the house we rented in St. George.    

Narrow rocks that they climbed through at Pioneer Park in St. George. 

 Ellie trying to recreate this iconic photo of Cami

Arms in the air like they just do not care. 

Emma sitting on the rocks.

Sister and her family. 

Adam stops to think. 

Me and my peeps (minus Glen and Spence).

At visitors' center, walk around, pick a language, see where you'll serve your mission. 


Adam--somewhere else (what language is that?). 

Pretty St. George Temple. 

Visited Uncle Kendall and family in Cedar City.  

 Saw long lost cousins. 

Jousting on the roof.

A queen in her castle.

First cousins, once removed. 

It was hot. 

The end. 


Anonymous said...

It's Latvian! Funny that they both chose Eastern European languages.

R said...

Cool post. Actually had forgotten they had picked Books of Mormon. Such a beautiful place to visit and what a nice place to stay in. Thanks again for inviting dad and I along. We sure enjoyed it. And I am glad we went to visit Kendall.

annalisa said...

Those are some cool beds! And the St. George temple is beautiful!

Rachel said...

i think it's fun that you intersperse the vacation and regular life posts! I love it all!!

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